• Break Barriers to her health
    to her health
  • Break Barriers to her rights
    to her rights
  • Break Barriers to her future
    to her future
Every dollar breaks barriers for women and girls.
Stand with women across the globe.

Break barriers to the sexual and reproductive health and rights of women and girls around the world.

Maternal Health & Rights

Women and girls die during pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum for preventable reasons including bleeding, infections, high blood pressure, complications from delivery, and unsafe abortion.

HIV Prevention, Treatment, & Care

We cannot turn the tide on HIV and AIDS unless we prioritize women and girls and ensure access to integrated health services including HIV prevention, treatment, and care, family planning, safe abortion services, and the prevention and treatment of gender based violence.

Abortion Access

Access to safe, legal abortion services is essential if women and girls are to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Laws and policies that restrict access to abortion contribute to the number of unsafe abortions as well as maternal mortality.

Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are essential to achieving gender equality around the world. Global health leadership and policies must acknowledge and reflect these fundamental rights – to control our bodies, who we have sex with, when, if, and who we marry, and if, when, and how we have children.

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