All people have the right to safe abortion services.

Policies that restrict abortion access undermine people everywhere.

Access to safe, legal abortion services is essential if women and girls are to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Laws and policies that restrict access to abortion contribute to the number of unsafe abortions as well as maternal mortality. People around the world have the right to accurate medical information about abortions and no government should tie the hands of providers in providing that information. It’s time to break barriers to safe abortion for women and girls everywhere.

Abortion Snapshot
  • 47,000 women die from complications of unsafe abortion per year. 1
  • There are approximately 22 million unsafe abortions per year. 2
  • U.S. policy restricts the use of foreign assistance funds to pay for the performance of abortion as a method of family planning or to motivate or coerce any person to practice abortions.3

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